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Zodiac signs explain the traits and attributes of a person according to birth date. They can let you know what’s in store from your future and what significance your past exercises in your life. You can discover your concealed attributes, the future of your love life, development in a business, about professional progress, your qualities, strengths, weakness & much more.

Every individual will have a particular trait that characterizes their sun sign. A few signs are born leaders while some are supporters or Followers. A few signs are innovative while some are persevering.


As it appears that zodiac signs were being utilized by our predecessors since hundreds of years either to anticipate future, climate or forecast future. The exploration of soothsaying and 12 zodiac signs are no less than 3,000 years of age.

All things considered, it is likewise accepted that the 12 zodiac signs were in existence since Babylonians, the two nations appear to hold a commanding position  in the study of Zodiac signs are India and China. In these nations numerous soothsayers and astrologers are said to utilize various animal and human signs to foresee the future and predict the destiny of individuals.

There are 12 zodiac signs, which are partitioned into four fundamental gatherings of signs i.e. Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

How Zodiac Signs Are Created: The reason for their creation was to draw a guide of the sky for investigating the universe around the earth. Mostly, these stars in a zodiac are light years away from each other and occur on a plane platform or vertically in their placement to each other.

Sign Ruler: Every Zodiac sign has a ruling planet. Each planet has its own signs, except Mars, Jupiter and Saturn which did double duty when the last three planets i.e. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were not created. Till date traditional astrologers do not use the new planets.

Cycle of Elements: Empedocles, a Greek scholar distinguished Fire, Earth, Air, and Water as elements. He expressed that these four components were all at par managing their own particular region, and each one has its own particular character. Distinctive mixtures of these components deliver the character or traits of every individual. Empedocles said that the individuals who were conceived within the aura of these four elements are very intelligent.

Cycle of Modes: Each of the four elements is further divided in three modalities: Cardinal, Fixed and Mutable. They are sporadically alluded to as crosses in light of the fact that every modality structures a cross when drawn over the zodiac. The mix of mode and element depicts a typical character of Sign.

Zodiac Signs are also represented by their polarity

Each sign is connected with one of the traditional elements, and these can be said to exhibit extreme tendencies. For instance, Fire and Air signs are viewed as masculine and positive or social butterfly signs, while Water and Earth signs are viewed as feminine and negative or loner signs.

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