Zodiac signs: Your birth date can let you know a great deal about yourself. Zodiac signs are assembled as per dates. Zodiac sign communicates the qualities of a distinct individual. They can let you know what’s in store from your future and what your past intended to you. You can discover your hidden talents, attain success in your love life, progress in business, and much more.

Every individual will have particular characteristics that characterize their sun sign.The Zodiac belt is the incredible loop around which our luminescent Sun moves month by month as the year progresses.

Aries (March21- April29)

Fire sign

Aries is brimming with life and has high vitality. The common Aries individual is brimming with curiosity, interest, and has an elevated feeling of equity. They regularly exceed expectations where a bit of competitiveness is included. If it comes to a challenge Aries is in it to win it. The Aries individual feels most lively when in control and heading others. They are impatient and sudden. Most Aries dislike being advised what to do if the individual in control is less capable than them.

Aries have the aspects of flame: warm, basic, and splendid. They can be short tempered and hasty. On the other hand they are protective and the first to apologise for the harm done to others by mistake. They are positive thinkers and are not given to depressive intermissions

Upside: Aries work hard, for long hours at a stretch. Always initiate for new experience and work. They are true and deep lovers, they also play very hard.

Downside: Aries get stubborn and rude at times when not appreciated or when dedicated to some work. They have narrow thinking, and get rude and impatient with people with lower calibres.

Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Earth Sign

They are sensitive to sensual delights of life. They like luxury, and to obtain it they work very hard. This sign is very low on anger but when upset can be aggressive. Taurus sign are always searching for stability in their life and with people around. Taurus people are never in rush, they take time to make decisions. Being earth sign, they have trustworthy nature, which matches with the Earth.

Moreover, this sign is very loyal and true to its relationships, they take a while to commit but once they do they do not look back. Male and Female both are very loyal. If a female is ignored or taken for granted, she may break the commitment. They are very good in all their relations.

Upside: Taurus individuals are family oriented. They finish what they start; they are great planners and always make right decisions. They are very adjusting to even new circumstances.

Downside: Taurus could be headstrong, which can likewise make them hard to work with partners. Taurus needs to be the pioneer and to be held in high regard.

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

Air Sign

Gemini is never more content than when they are offering plans and ideas to another person. Communication is a key component for this sign; curiosity is a key normal for this sign. Gemini are extraordinary at gatherings, they gel with all kind of individuals very well. Gemini is adventurous, loves to travel, encounter new plans, and learn new ideas.

Gemini is air an sign, which implies that they have light and breezy identities, and attract people. This sign pines for learned incitement and regularly will push the envelope physically, rationally, and profoundly. This sign is very creative which makes them great with any profession

Upside: Gemini is an extraordinary conversationalist. They have an incredible comical inclination and are by and large idealistic individuals. Gemini is also highly fun loving.

Downside: Gemini likes to be the centre of any crowd. When they see the circumstances not in their favour, they abandon it. They get self centred at times due to which they become unsympathetic and impolite. Male Gemini has a tendency to change occupations frequently, and female Gemini change accomplices regularly because of weariness.

Cancer (June21-July 22)

Water Sign

The person from this sign is about home and family and is exceptionally devoted and faithful to loved ones. They have a tendency to handle hings that make them happy and never let go. The key for this sign is that they matter to somebody and they are secure in that love. Courageous, brave, defensive, all depict the best conceivable characteristics of this sign. They get reserved & moody if things don’t move their way.

Being a water sign implies that they are mysterious, with deep feelings and very gentle.

Upside: Cancer has a good sense of Humour. They are good listeners, have kindness for the issues of others. Cancer has a tendency to be reliable and dependable. They will let you know anything you need to know without a second thought. They appreciate trustworthiness in others and themselves.

Downside: They could be moody, clingy.

Leo (July23- August22)

Fire Sign

Leo individuals know they are always in charge of things. Leo’s like relaxing at warm places. They do not like to get involved or do not have the patience for boring or complicated things. They are not good at following orders and are born leaders.

Key essential of this sign is love that keeps them going and encourages them. If they are ignored they feel hurt. They are attention seekers. Being sign of fire, they are very warm people who attract crowd.

Upside: Leo are very honest people, they support right thing no matter what the circumstance may be. They believe and like luxury and like people who enjoy owning these.

Downside: Leo has huge self respect, which can lead to being rude sometimes. They might get weary with their friends or mates which might leave them lonely. This sign is very prone to divorce and misfortune.

Virgo (August 23- Septmeber22)

Earth Sign

Virgo individuals look calm but are very active inside. Their minds are always active analysing things. They adore making something out of nothing, nurturing little things. They have a tendency to be greatly meticulous and especially like creating something that is helpful, as well as wonderful and handy.

Virgo wouldn’t fret being distant from everyone else as long as they realize that they are acknowledged and required. They are thoughtful audience members, and are primed to assist those in need. Their positive outlook frequently makes them simple to exploit.

They don’t have a tendency to be loud but are great strategic planners. Frequently they will overburden themselves and assume more than they ought to.

Upside: They are benevolent, patient and quiet amusing. They are no attention seekers but the silent kind. They are innovative and family oriented. Male Virgo & female Virgo both are very dedicated with their relations.

Downside: Virgo is very conscious about health whether it is theirs, or others. They would get obsessive. They are very judgemental and do not mind putting their opinion forward to others even if not needed. The can be very criticizing to those they feel are not living to their potential.

Libra (September 23- October22)

Air Sign

Libra individuals need to keep harmony between professional and personal lives and balance in their physical and emotional lives. Libra weighs a lot before deciding, but when they decide it is the best decision made. Their decision is always beneficial to them and others, they like seeing people happy.

Peace and harmony are key to this sign. They get miserable only when they are mistreated. They adapt well to physical exercise and meditation as they want to live a well balanced life..

Upside: Libra are very fair in decisions, they get upset when they see unfair things. They are inclined to talking for long periods about their most loved subjects. Libra is frequently generous and sacrificing for the benefit of the group or their family.

Downside: As Libra takes time to decide, it sometimes seems that they are lazy or absent minded. Libra, because of their fair decisions generally ends up fighting or arguing. Libra doesn’t like to lead but they like to put their opinion forward and expect to be heard.

Scorpio (October23-November21)

Water Sign

The Scorpio individual is aggressive only when they are provoked or else would be rather insightful. They long for some time alone, and when the need is not met they get irritated. Scorpio’s are great secret keepers, and feel each one feeling more seriously than different signs. As a result they can be truly observing when helping individuals with their issues. They can show others the best and the worst in their lives.

Scorpio signs are fearless people. They attempt things that others don’t even opt for. They support people who can take a stand for themselves, as they have a great sense of Justice. Scorpio signs are regularly in fields that permit them to uncover things about the inside workings of others.

Upside: Scorpio is very controlled individual, and expects the same. They are very protective and interested about everything and everyone. Scorpio guys and females both need to be rulers, and they are excellent problem solvers.

Downside: Scorpio is paranoid, stubborn and suspicious as they are pessimists. A scorpion goes without amending relations for years, and female scorpions are worst at it.

Sagittarius (November22- December 21)

Fire Sign

Those under this sign love Travelling, exploring new places, new people and things.

Sagittarians long for the flexibility and freedom, both figuratively and physically. They are disappointed, when they are told to follow a fixed routine. The people of this sign are very lively and enjoyable to be around and have a huge list of friends. They doubt everything and keep questioning and expect others to do so.

Upside: Sagittarians are very witty and intelligent people and they like the company of such people. They love creativity and keep recreating everything around them. Even their relations. Sagittarians are very spiritual people. They would go to depths for their own curiosity and self satisfaction.

Downside: Sagittarians get rude and annoyed if not given the freedom and space they want. They often come up with bigger than life plans, which they are not able to complete. They sometimes get off the track in the search of adventure and newness. Sagittarians are about planning big and very soon get bored with things.

Capricorn (December22- January 19)

Earth Sign

Capricorns are successful people inspite of any problems or mishaps. They are focused goal oriented people. They work hard and for hours to attain a goal. Disciplined and effective, it is no big surprise that a portion of the world’s most excellent researchers, pioneers, and educators have been Capricorn.

Accomplishment is everything to a Capricorn. They take life very seriously to achieve things, and do not appreciate people who take things lightly. They are born rulers. Capricorns keep their hearts very safe. So, it is not easy to win over a Capricorn but if accomplished, it is well worth the trouble.

Upside: Capricorns are the superheroes in terms of making reasonable, intelligent choices. They are good at taking logical decisions. Capricorn are family oriented, however will stay away if the family is seen unsafe, or unfulfilling. Great with numbers and investigation, yet they are no doubt the muscle and the force behind the precise effective machine.

Downside: Because of their seriousness in life they can appear dull to others, specially to people who do not know Capricorns. They can frequently appear narrow minded, selfish and stingy, deliberately withholding data for their own interest. They sometimes runaway from situations so that they are not caught or blamed.

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Water Sign

Aquarians are usually very liberal with their time and assets. They have a profound sympathy toward the welfare of others. They are mostly adored by people around them. Aquarians make a special effort to meet with individuals that they’ve not met since very long. Connections is the key thing of the sign

Aquarians delight in tinkering with developments and methodologies. They are fond of everything even Gadgets. On the surface, Aquarians are generally not very emotional; they are more concerned with the exchange of plans and how they may better aid somebody in their situation. Aquarians have a lot of patience. They make astounding educators and guide.

Upside: Aquarians are among the friendliest of the signs. They have a very good network and hence are always chosen among friends & family. They are super talented, high with energy and very intelligent. They always seek for some alone time to think over things and feel connectivity with something beyond themselves. Meditation is also quiet suggestive for this sign.

Downside: If this sign does not have alone time they get emotionless. They can get to be exceptionally angry if they are not heard or valued. They have a huge sense of Self-reflect.

Pisces (February 19- March 20)

Water Sign

Pisces have a tendency to be daydreamers, regularly conjuring up splendid plans and arrangements which they are not able to do themselves. They have a euphoric and dynamic inward life. They are very caring and can’t see people unhappy.

They are dedicated people, whether it is professionally or personally. Pisces are difficult people to know and understand. Pisces are very religious and sometimes go beyond limits for their beliefs which at end become intolerant.

Upside: Pisces are compassionate individual. They feel the need to help individuals who are less blessed. They are caring, mindful people who feel everything deeply. They might be inventive and creative when they accept that they have backing to make those jumps.

Downside: Because they feel everything so seriously, this sign can frequently turn into a clinical worrier. In the event that they settle on a choice that others can’t help contradicting that they will get upset and also upset the people around them. Pisces are not good leaders but are great supporters. In some cases they need a subtle poke to finish assignments on time.

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