Ganesha Namavali: 1-3/108

In the pantheon of Hindu deities, Ganesha packs quite a punch! As the son of Shiva and Parvati, who symbolize the universe, Ganesha possesses manifold, awe-inspiring qualities that give him a prime position in the hierarchy of gods. On earth, Ganesha’s devotees connect to him at an everyday level, seeking his intervention even in the most mundane of enterprises. Perhaps it’s for these reasons that Ganesha needs not just a couple, but 108 names, to encompass all that there is to him!

A single Ganesha Namavali consists of 108 names, one for each bead in the japa-mala or chain held while chanting his praises.

1/108: As Akhuratha, he is one whose divine vehicle is the humblest of creatures, the mouse, or Akhu. Among the many interpretations that exist, the mouse is desire or the ego that needs to be controlled.

2/108: Ganesha is Alampata, the eternal lord without beginning or end.

3/108: Amit praises Ganesha as the Incomparable One. He is invoked at the start of all enterprises. His form embodies the spirit of the universe, or OM.

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