Ganesha Namavali: 1-3/108

A single Ganesha Namavali consists of 108 names, one for each bead in the japa-mala or chain held while chanting his praises.

Ganesha was – and is – the original multi-tasker, long before the term was coined! One of his names is Chaturbhujeti, the Four-Armed One. Each arm stands for one of Hinduism’s four main castes, namely, Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya and Shudra, a simple, potent representation of the importance of all beings in the scheme of life.

Devadeva is Master of masters, the one who is worshiped first among all heavenly beings. He is also Devantakanashakarin, born with specific powers to destroy demons and reinstate peace in all worlds.

Ganesha assumes the name of Devavrata in response to his devotees’ propitiation. To those who undertake penance, he is benevolence personified, granting the boons they seek.

The word ‘shika’ in Devendrashika again refers to Mooshika, his mouse vehicle. He is the Divine Protector of the humblest of creatures.

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